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Strategic Management for Travel and Tourism is the must-have text for students studying travel and tourism. It brings theory to life by using industry-based case.
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They are satisfied with those they own. Sales Manager does not tense anymore: he is late for work and play patience, waiting for a call from some old client. At the same time, he can maintain high sales volumes and, consequently, to get enough money doing nothing. Of course, the company is interested in the intensive work of managers as a year or two before and managers moving forward, hiring assistants. But this does not happen. Skilled sellers or "sit" on the old bonds, or leave their positions for another company. If the manager is ambitious enough, he opens his business.

The flexible motivate system and adequate scheme organizing the activities of sellers will help to achieve the desired results.

At each stage of the sales the leadership must create an environment in which the employees will constantly work for development. At the first stage, when the young manager is just starting his career in the travel agency, the optimal solution is to assign a high enough salary and pay a small percentage of the deals volume.

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The use of such a scheme at this stage is effective for two reasons: first, the employee feels confident a steady income provided , and secondly, there is the opportunity to grow and earn more. That would be a mistake to offer only percentage; there are few contracts while studies trainings and the person need money to live on. It takes about a year. Sales Manager gains confidence in his abilities and sufficient experience to ensure higher sales. At this stage, you should give up the salary and pay only the interest rate but higher than at the first level.

Such a scheme would be a good incentive for the next search of new profitable trades.

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Manager will create his own customer base. When the seller has found a sufficient number of regular customers, he is immediately tempted to relax. To increase the motivation, change the payment scheme. It's time to low the interest that was paid for the service of old customers, for the new contracts should pay more. Now, in front of manager there is another alternative.

Strategic Management for Travel and Tourism

However, as the motivation is not only financial interest of the employees. Another very effective method is providing of independence. Free schedule can improve the productivity of the concerned employee. In addition, an experienced manager should be able to attract mates. Many problems will eventually become routine. It is better to give them to the subordinate, and focus mostly on more important issues. One should not think that this approach is the laziness indulgence. Just ineffective use of highly skilled workers, where can cope even a rookie.

The manager has become a high class professional. He knows his industry, has a base of constant customers and an experience of assistants management. It is logical that the employee has a thought about his own business. The question is posed as follows: "For what I give a part of my profit?


If you want your own business fine. You do not necessarily leave the company to have it. We'll give you the necessary resources for a stake in your business. It should be understood that even creating the best conditions for the employees, the company is not insured against their leaving. If the skilled manager leaves the company with experience of business and established customer base, it's not just a big loss — it is almost certainly a new player in the market. The competitors growing is unprofitable to anyone, but also impede slow down the development of the employees is not the best strategy.

Of course, the sacrifice of the development for the sake of security is not necessary. The company may be protected with the other methods. For example, to build a dialogue with key customers on the principle of multiple connections when with large customers work not only sales managers, but also other divisions. If your marketing department actively collaborates with the client marketing department and the company accountants are constantly conversing, you are not to be scared that the left manager would draw away the key customer.

What is the use of a competent motivation system? Managers will be interested in the constant development and effective work for the benefit of the company. Earning more and more, they will bring more money for the company. Thus as we have shown above, in tourism the main factors of successful strategic management of the company are the systematic analysis of both internal and external environment of the company, competent management staff and flexible motivation of the sales managers.

Strategic management in tourism Every year the tourist industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan increasingly involves into the global market. The study revealed the following: The country system of the tourism industry include such specialized companies, organizations, institutions, as the companies that provide accommodation services, the firms engaged in transportation services, the advertising and information institutions, the enterprises in the field of tourism leisure, tourism authorities, the travel agencies to develop and implement the tourist product, etc.

By this time in Kazakhstan formed the following types of the tourist companies travel agencies by the type and form of provided services: Companies with a limited set of services that offer customers routes; Full service Companies the criterion of which is the motto: "Anywhere, anytime"; Company of exotic routes and services, offering customers extraordinary travels and Among the organizations and companies operating in the field of travel industry, there are tour operators and travel agencies, travel and guided tours agencies, the fulfillment bureaus of the tourist and sightseeing tours.

A significant impact on the effectiveness of the tourism industry have travel agencies, i. The study of tourist companies in Central Kazakhstan using the SWOT-analysis allowed us to identify the following: The strengths of the existing travel agencies should be considered: Availability of adequate financial resources; The ability to compete professionally; The recognized leader; Full use of the production and marketing scale effects and development; Availability of its own technologies; A relatively low cost; Effective advertising; Skills of product innovation; A reliable, professional management; The efficient production facilities, Typically, the weaknesses of the operating travel agencies are: The lack of a clear strategy; Old fashioned production capacity; Low profitability; The lack of the required skills and professionalism; Existence of operation management problems; The backlog of product updating e.

The first level At the first stage, when the young manager is just starting his career in the travel agency, the optimal solution is to assign a high enough salary and pay a small percentage of the deals volume. The second level It takes about a year. The third level When the seller has found a sufficient number of regular customers, he is immediately tempted to relax. The fourth level The manager has become a high class professional.

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Ansoff I. The strategic management: Abbr. Thompson A. Strategic management. Fatkhutdinov R. Name of author: S. K Yerzhanova, B. Jazykbayeva, M. Year: City: Karaganda. Category: Economy.

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